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Cake Flavors:

  1.   White

  2.   Chocolate

  3.   Yellow

  4.   Spice

  5.   Raspberry Swirl

  6.   Strawberry

  7.   German Chocolate

  8.   Carrot 

  9.   Lemon (optional

  10.   poppy seeds)

Filling Flavors:

  1.    Buttercream

  2.    Strawberry

  3.    Bavarian Creme

  4.    Cream Cheese

  5.    Vanilla Pudding

  6.    Raspberry 

  7.    Lemon

  8.    Cherry

  9.    Fudge

  10.    Pecan

Deluxe Cake Flavors:

  1.   Banana Nut

  2.   Apple Nut Spice

  3.     Note - Add $15 extra for each tier made with deluxe cake flavors.


Before filling out an order form be sure you have talked to Kelly about date availability and the style of your cake. Just because you have filled out the order form does not mean you have reserved the date!